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How does it work? is the only online community that enables you to receive meaningful professional feedback from others in under 5 minutes. We're talking clear and quantifiable ratings across important attributes so you can quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses. Best of all, is free and all feedback is anonymous.


Successful people don’t leave their professional development to chance. It’s time to take control.

Request feedback

Request feedback

Simply enter your contact's name and email and we'll send a unique URL to their inbox.

Give feedback

Give feedback

First slide a scale from 1 to 5 to anonymously rate someone's performance across 14 key attributes. Then leave a comment if you like.

Track your progress

Track your progress

Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to see the progression of your attribute scores over time.

What makes us different?

Compared to company-based performance reviews, all feedback is requested, delivered and stored online for free. You can ask for feedback when you want and from whoever you want. It’s private and can only be accessed by you.

We’re here to help you, not your employer

  • Understand how you’re perceived within your network
  • Identify your professional strengths and weaknesses
  • Track your progress across each attribute over time
  • Strengthen your professional identity
  • Prevent bad habits from forming
  • Secure your next promotion

We’re done with the famous annual performance review, where once a year I’m going to share with you what I think about you. That doesn’t make any sense.

Performance is an ongoing activity. It’s every day, after any client interaction or business interaction or corporate interaction. It’s much more fluid.

People want to know on an ongoing basis, am I doing right? Am I moving in the right direction? Do you think I’m progressing? Nobody’s going to wait for an annual cycle to get that feedback.

Now it’s all about instant performance management.

Pierre Nanterme

Chairman & CEO, Accenture

Why was created?

Can you remember the feedback from your last performance review? Did it catapult your career development? Was it a simple and empowering process? No, we thought not.

Traditional performance reviews

  • Too infrequent – usually once per year

  • Incredibly time-consuming, often taking hours to complete

  • Your employer owns the feedback and selects what to collect and show you

  • Feedback presented in a format that is unhelpful and difficult to digest

  • Uncomfortable and awkward process

  • Feedback conflicted by concurrent salary / bonus decisions


  • You're free to ask for feedback 365 days of the year

  • It takes less than 5 minutes to give feedback, and far less to ask

  • Feedback based on quantifiable scores across 14 universally important attributes plus an optional comment

  • Our user-friendly format allows you to track and analyse your progress

  • Empowering, enjoyable and rewarding

  • Feedback is private and independent of your employer's profitability or budget setting process

It’s time to say goodbye to poorly executed annual appraisals and hello to continuous professional development

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